Workaholics is a Orlando and Fort. Lauderdale based group of architects, designers, professionals, interior and product designers, researchers and inventors. We are a team of driven and passionate individuals that have come together to collaborate and use our skills and talents to make a difference in each of our specialties which include, media development, animation, architecture, interior design, and theme park concept development. This gives Workaholic Studios as a whole, a unique perspective on how to approach design solutions for our clients. With over four decades of combined experience there is no project that can’t be fully executed by our dedicated team. All of our work is custom tailored to complete and exceed our clients’ specific requirements. We make our clients’ vision a reality with a lasting impact to stand out from the crowd, all while staying on time and on budget.  

Our Process

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What We Do?


From concept to design to staff augmentation. Whether it is Hospitality to Themed entertainment our experience allows us to help you realize your vision to allow you to complete your project on time and on budget. 

Interior Design

Our team utilizes an array of tool sets along with some proprietary tools to ensure we can reproduce your creative intent and not to mention pushing what is possible for your time constraint. Our focus is to always the project gets complete no matter what is encountered.


Outside the box is all we do. If your looking to push your vision to the next level and cant seem to get there we can help your deliver from preliminary Design development to last mile design changes and completion. We employ the latest in VR and AR to allow all stake holders to see the final result to make critical decisions.

BIM Technology

We have worked with Architects to Global contractors and we see the growing need for an optimized work-flow. We have implemented proprietary tools for some of our customers to help them reduce error and or speed up there work-flow so they can save time and money.